Frequently Asked Questions

Many of these questions with answers can be found in the Tenant Handbook found on the Tenant Tab.


Q. Where is your office located?

A. Our office is located at:

7497 E. Addis Avenue

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.

From Highway 69: Turn North on Glassford Hill Road. Follow Glassford Hill to exit 89A. Turn right onto Highway 89A. Take exit for Viewpoint. Turn right onto Viewpoint and make your first right onto Addis Avenue. Make your first left behind Maya's Mexican Food (yellow building). We are located between Maya's Mexican Food and Kirby's Automotive.

Q. What is your Office Phone number?

A. You can reach us at the following numbers:

Q. Is there an email address for the company?

A. Each member of our Management Team can be reached by email.

  • Property Manager: Brenda Heath brenandclay@northlink.com or brendaheath@bearcreekpmg.com
  • Repair Team: at 928-420-4562 or fill out a repair order online
  • Front desk: frontdesk@bearcreekpmg.com
  • Leasing agents: brendaheath@bearcreek.com 
  • Brokers: brendaheath@bearcreekpmg.com
  • Owners: Brenda and Clayton Heath 928-772-9311
  • Accounting: Kayla Alanis accounting@bearcreekpmg.com

Q. Is there a buyers/sellers agent on staff in case we want to buy or sell a home?

A. We have 8 REALTORS on staff at Bear Creek Real Estate. All of these agents hold an Arizona Brokers License and specialize in home sales. Please feel free to call the office for ANY of your real estate needs.

Q. Do you have a Spanish Speaking staff member to assist our needs?

A. Yes. 

Q. Do you manage other people's properties?

A. Yes, if you have a rental property that you are tired of managing, we can assist in managing that property for you.

Q. I am considering using your company to manage my rental property. Do you have references that I can check?

A. Yes we do. Please feel free to come into our office and pull any owner file for phone numbers. All of our clients will be glad to tell you about their experience with our company. We encourage you to check our references.

Q. Where are your homes located?

A. New rental homes come into our inventory daily, so be sure to book mark us and check back regularly. Our homes are located throughout the Quad City area. Take a look at our search map. We cover towns like Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey/Humboldt,  plus parts of Pima & Maricopa counties. All of our current listings can be found on the Rentals tab. We also advertise on Craigslist and on VacationRentals.com.

Q. Do I have to pay to use your services?

A. We don't charge to help you find a home. But if you decide to enter into a lease agreement for any of our properties, there is a $35 application processing fee for each person over the age of 18 years who will be living in the home.

Q. How do I qualify for a Lease or Lease-Purchase?

A. We use a five-step qualifying process. This includes a credit check, employment verification, current and previous residency verification, public record search and criminal background check.


Q. What is the Tenant Screening Process and is there a cost?

A. Serious and motivated tenants are screened via a 3 step process (tenant viewing of the potential rental property, rental application, and credit reports from all 3 major bureaus(at this time, Credit Scores are not counted in our decision to rent to you). The one time fee of $35 per person over the age of 18 years, who will be living in the home enables tenants to have all three of these items on file  and immediately available to them in order to make offers on the rental property that they have chosen. We use a five-step qualifying process. This includes a credit check, employment verification, current and previous residency verification, public record search and criminal background check

Q. I turned in a credit application. How long does it take to get a response?

A. It usually takes only an hour to process your application and check your references. If you turn in the application late in the day, please expect a 24 hour delay in receiving your answer. We like to keep things fast and simple so we offer a streamlined application process.

Q. Can you help me select the home that's right for me and my situation?

A. Absolutely! We have numerous leasing specialists on staff to take you through the process step by step, answering all your questions and directing you to the rental home that would best suit your situation.

Q. When can I move in?

A. After the application process is completed, the lease agreement signed, proof that you have turned utilities on in your name, and required payments collected, you are free to move in to your new home.

Q. Do you work with people on the deposit? 

A. This will depend on the property you are interested in renting. Some of our owners allow splitting the deposit into two payments and others will do a gradual rent increase to ease the financial burden of paying so much money up front. Unfortunately, some property owners insist on full payment up front.

Q. My credit is less than perfect. Will I still qualify for the Lease or Lease-Purchase Option? 

A. Sure - We will most likely have a program to fit your situation, regardless of your credit history. Since we do not use a conventional qualifying process, we look at many factors besides just your credit score. We also do not look at bank foreclosures, bankruptcies, or past evictions dating back two or more years.

Q. Do I have to have a minimum credit score?

A. Although we will review your credit report, we look at your total financial situation and consider your ability to make your monthly payments. We work with individuals with all types of credit backgrounds, so regardless of your situation we will more than likely have a program for you.

Q. Do you rent to people with background or credit problems?

Bear Creek Real Estate is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable housing for all tenants. To meet this goal each applicant is screened with a background and credit check. People with background or credit issues need to fully disclose their situation and they will be considered on a case by case basis. Oftentimes, tenants with background or credit issues can be accommodated with additional security deposit. We do not turn people away very often. Please feel free and comfortable to discuss your situation with us.

Q. How long can you hold a property for me?

A. We can hold a property for you for up to two weeks with a "holding agreement" and a deposit equal to your security deposit or one month's rent. Once you complete this process, the property is no longer advertised for lease and will be taken off of the market. Please be aware that if for any reason, you back out before your expected rental date, this holding money is non-refundable.

Q. How long does the lease agreement last?

A. For a straight lease, the term is typically one year. However, different properties will accept shorter or longer leases. We do offer "School Term" leases for College Students. For a lease option `purchase agreement, we offer a two-year program. You are able to exercise your option to purchase during the second year of the leasing term. Our goal is to see you purchase the home by the end of the term

Q. How much does it cost to move into a rental home?

A. The down payment amounts vary from house to house, typically one month's rent plus security deposits (equal to one month's rent) plus pet deposits if you are bringing along a pet. Both the security and the pet deposit is fully refundable when you move out as long as the property is clean and ready to rent. The pet deposit is also refundable if the pet has done no damage to the property. If you enter into a lease option purchase arrangement, the lease option amount will be applied to the new purchase contract.

Q. Do you allow pets in your leasing properties?

A. Many properties do allow pets. However, the pet policy varies from property to property, depending upon the owner's terms. We do not discriminate against people with pets. You will see that most of our properties do accept pets and all of them accept Assistant Animals.

Q. Do you accept cash payments?

A. We will only except cash for your credit application fees. Under no other circumstances do we accept cash.

Q. How long will it be before I receive my deposit back once I move out?

A. Arizona law requires your Property Manager or Landlord to refund your deposit within 14 business days after you return your keys to the Bear Creek office or when you complete your final walk through.

Q. What's the best way to see the homes you have available?

A. You're already here! You can search based on selected criteria, such as location and price range. Each listing includes a photograph of the property, property address, monthly payment and a detailed description.

Lost or Stolen Keys/Keys

Q. I have lost my key and need a new one. What do I do?

A. Please contact the office at 928-227-0501 to report a lost key. A new key will need to be made and the Bear Creek office will need a copy of this key.

Q. I have locked myself out of my house. Who do I call?

A. Please call the Bear Creek 24 hour line at 928-420-4562. We will run a key to you. Please keep in mind that there is a $15.00 charge for this service. If you reside in Chino, Paulden, or Phoenix, the charge will be $25.00. Please do not attempt to crawl through a window. This is how screens get damaged. Damaged screens can run up to $100.00 for a repair.

Q. I don't feel comfortable knowing that you have a key to my home and I want to change my locks. Can I do this?

A. The answer to this is NO! If for any reason you feel that you need to change the locks on your home, please get permission in writing and provide Bear Creek with a copy of that key. Please rest assured that we keep your key copy in a locked box. Any person ie: repair tech that takes a key from the box is mandated to complete a check out and check in sheet.


Q. What do I do if I have a repair?

A. Please call the office at 928-227-0501 to report the problem. If it is after hours and it is an emergency, please call 928-420-4562. If you have access to a computer, you can complete a work-order request form. This form is found under the documents tab on the home page. You can drop this form off or mail it to the office at 7497 E. Addis Ave. Prescott Valley, AZ. 86314

Q. I called in a repair and I have not heard from anybody. What do I do now?

A. Please re-call the office and speak directly to the Property Manager.

Q. When the repair person comes to complete the repair, do I need to be present?

Most of our repair technicians are independent contractors and will call you directly to schedule the repair. Please communicate your wishes with them at that time. You can also let the Bear Creek  repair coordinator know if you would like to be present when we enter your home to make the repair. If you have dogs and will not be home, please make sure that the dogs are secured.

Q. How long does it generally take for my repair to be completed?

A. This will depend on the type of repair being done. If your repair is a health and safety issue, it will take top priority and be completed within 24 hours. If your repair is minor and does not effect your daily living, the repair will take up to 72 hours. Please be patient. We manage over 500 doors and as you can imagine, there are many repairs taking place on a daily basis.

Q. My repair was completed and now I am having issues with it again. What should I do?

A. Please re-call the office to report it. We will move you to a top priority que.

Q. What do I do if there is an emergency?

A. Please dial 911 and report your emergency to the proper authority. After reporting the emergency, please call the emergency line at 928-420-4562. If your call is not answered, please leave a detailed message and mark your message as urgent.


Q. My roommate wants to leave and I do not. What do I do to release him/her from the lease agreement?

A. There are forms in the Bear Creek office for you to pick up and fill out (roommate release form). Each person on the lease will need to complete and sign this form.

Q. Does each roommate need to be on the lease or can I just sign for everybody?

A. Each roommate over the age of 18 years is required to be on the lease agreement. This is for your protection as a tenant.

Paying Rent

Q. How do I pay rent?

A. You may pay your rent with a Money Order, Check, or a Cashiers Check from your bank. We do not accept cash. You can mail your rent check or money order to: Bear Creek Real Estate : 7497 E. Addis Avenue in Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314. You can also bring your rent to the office or drop it in the drop slot next to the front door.. We usually have cookies for you if you bring your rent in person!

Q. If I drop my rent in the back door, will you mail me a receipt?

A. Yes. Attach a note to your rent asking us to send a receipt in the mail. Do not forget to include your address.

Q. What if my rent due date falls on a Holiday and the office is closed?

A. You should drop your rent off in the wall slot to avoid late fees and penalties.

Rental Application

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